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Nepal is categorised as a developing country. The country has been facing many challenges from few decades. The ten year long civil war, the heart-breaking earthquake and political instability has been huge obstacles for the development of the country. There is a huge gap between poor and rich. Many children have lost their parents in conflict and natural disasters like earthquake, floods and landslides. This has lead to an increment in child trafficking and child rights violation. The city of Kathmandu has become the destination for survivors. CESP is Samdan’s educational support (scholarship) program. Currently the program supports 53 children in Nepal with their education and health.


Parents want to provide good education, healthy food and a secure life for their children, but not everyone’s economic status support it. The income-gap means that while some are spending their lives in luxury, others struggling to meet their basic needs. Corruption, social discrimination, geographical diversities are other factors of poverty issues. Children are especially vulnerable to these circumstances, and for some of them the future seems dark and uncertain.

CESP is focused especially on the educational part of children’s lives. CESP believes that supporting the educational need is a way to support them to all needs.



There are basically five criteria for support:

1.Economic poverty that hinders the child to attend school

2.The child suffers from economic poverty combined with parental/caretakers neglect due to e.g. addiction.

3.Economic poverty combined with so called low caste/backed up tribe and suffered in their educational life due to this hierarchy

4.Economic poverty and orphanage.

5.Economic poverty combined with suffering from natural disasters like flood, earthquake and landslide.


A. Educating support for establishing leading educated society

B. Reducing the poverty by investing in education

C. To builds up civilized & educated manpower for the nation

D. Increased Child healthcare


A. Finding the real needy children according the target basis

B. Child education Support in monthly basis

C. General health care support

D. Educational trip for knowledge expansion

E. Regular monitoring and follow up visits