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What is Children Beep?

Social Awareness and Multipurpose Development Alliance Nepal (SAMDAN) is a non-profit umbrella organization officially registered in Nepal. It has registered under national guideline act 1977(2034 BS). Children-EEP is one of SAMDAN’s program formed by people experienced with Solid Waste issues. The purpose of the program is to preserve degrading environment affected by the challenges connected to waste management.


Children-BEEP has a long term perspective for sustainability and a strong focus on children and awareness rising through the building of Child leadership. Children-BEEP aims to inspired children to promote a sense of responsibility for sustainable handling of garbage in their own school, homes and communities. Children-BEEP is training children in their respective schools through the Teaching with Action Process (TAP). Children-BEEP hopes these children will be the means of transforming polluted environment in to a human suited healthy environment. By creating positive attitude through the teaching of the children and showing them the model in action, we hope to bring forth a long term solution for the severe solid waste related problems in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.



Children-BEEP’s vision is entire development for environment through education of children and the creation of a model for waste management in practice.


Increased local awareness about solid waste and a practical engagement in solid waste management to create a healthy and people friendly environment.


1.Reach school children/students and their families with relevant and useful information about solid waste management that will help them to take good decision about solid waste.

2.Solid waste management will become part of the education in local schools in Kathmandu and impact seems in communities

3.Create 3R (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) model in action for improved utilization of solid waste.y


Why Is It Important?

The children BEEP team members are committed to contribute to the solution of the solid waste challenges in Kathmandu and there are several resources why this is a highly important issue. The solid waste situation in Kathmandu has severe negative effect on environment and the inhabitants of the city. Solid waste can infect drinking water and become source of water born and infection diseases like diarrhea, worm and pneumonias. In addition there is a risk of having metals and chemicals infecting drinking water and farming land. This can in its turn increased the human risk of e.g cancer. Solid waste can also attract rodents spreading different diseases to human being.

An improved handling of solid waste is a crucial ingredient to improve human health and well being in Kathmandu.

All though solid waste management is such an important issue affecting human well being and health, it is often ignored by the general public. Raising awareness through children is a unique model in Nepal. We are engaged to create a better future for the coming generations starting with the children of today. (Children Base Environment Education Program)

Indoor Activities


Outdoor Activities


Working schools

The program has created teaching material, conceptual/practical teaching with students in schools, regular collection of separated waste from schools, procession of collected waste and made income generating handicrafts, arrange interclass/ inter school competition and events, arrange cleaning campaign, handicraft making with waste material, environmental rallies, workshops, parents and community motivations and other awareness program. Curriculum Development for conceptual and practical teaching about Solid Waste Management, Collection of Solid , Procession of solid waste in to income resource level product and Marketing the product are the key activities.

Children-BEEP has been working with the program in the schools in Balaju and its surrounding area until fiscal year 2019/20

S.N School Name Number Students & Teachers (Approx.)
1 Pranjalai world School 505
2 Trilok Children Academy 605
3 Sacred Heart HSS 870
4 Angel heart HSSS 1760
5 Kids Learning School 740
6 Gandaki English School 500
7 Lunar English School 430
8 National Model school 1020
9 Angel Heart National School 350
10 White Heaven School 550
11 Aaruni School 480
12 Pranjali World Pre Primary 150
13 Kids learning pre Primary 150
14 Sauryakunja Academy 450
15 Larke Boarding School 410
16 Sagarmatha Education School 530
17 Ka Kha Ra Montessori 400