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Principal Lunal English Boarding School

Among Various social organizations present in Nepal. SAMDAN is the one which is truly dedicated to social awareness And multipurpose development..

It’s already 5 years SAMDAN and lunar English boarding are in connection. ASMDAN has always helped us achieve what seemed Impossible with your brilliant support and expertise. Thank you SAMDAN. Lunar has been able to maintain neat ,clean and green eco – friendly environment in the school premises with your co – Operative, support and involvement. SAMDAN the role played by you in solid waste management and plantation activities Is really praise worthily.

“Waste is no more waste” the student of lunar has learnt to make useful things from so called waste. SAMDAN you are made our student creative. They make artistic and useful things from waste. It’s really true. SAMDAN you are really been an essential part of lunar’s journey and success. We are eternally grateful for the dedication and passion you have shown to us.

SAMDAN from time to time you support co – ordinate and conduct various programmers and completions like sports, art and craft exhibition, speech, drawing etc to enchant the skills, talents and creation of students, give them prizes and certificates. Really your vision and objectives are so clear, so pure and so holy. You have set and exemplary standard. Words are not enough to thank you for everything that you have done so for us. Our heartiest wishes for your institutional progress and prosperity and pray for more amazing years of working together.

Meera Phuyal Pudasaina


VICE PRINCIPAL White heaven school

Within the past few years, we have been suddenly awakened to the dangers caused by mismanagement of waste. It is prominent in the form of different kinds of environmental pollution and much bigger threats as a result of them.

SAMDAN Children- BEEP has been leading a waste management program in our school, White Heaven Academy for two and a half years now. It is an integrated approach by SAMDAN Children where waste management is done at the source combined with awareness/training programs along with garden maintenance. Waste segregation is done in all areas of waste production followed by waste collection which is recycled/reused in SAMDAN’s collection center. The organization also takes students on field visits to Dumping sites, Bio gas plants and Recycling centers. Besides, weekly class is run on recycling techniques that provides students with different recycling and handicraft skills. They provide clear picture on where do the everyday waste go and how that affects our environment. The project is especially effective because it gives students perspective on why waste management is important and ideas on how to effectively manage them. The organization has also been conducting awareness campaigns for the local community.

We now have a tremendous task ahead of us to combat with ever increasing amount of waste. This requires logical and meticulous planning from grassroot level. Incorporating waste management in schools is crucial to combat this issue in the long run. While we are very grateful to SAMDAN Children for undertaking such a responsibility, it is not possible with the effort of one organization alone to bring about change in the whole nation. It can be extended to a nationwide movement by incorporating waste management in school curriculum as practical part of subjects such as EPH (Environment Population and Heath). In addition, Gardening and Composting can be additional subjects in schools so as to create a sustainable future for our children. A well-informed child grows up to be a responsible citizen. In my opinion, schools are the best places to start working for a sustainable future..

We are very grateful to SAMDAN Children for such a far-sighted project running in multiple schools with big potential of a clean nation provided they have adequate support from government/authorities.